Other Activities

San Rafael, June 16,2017

PRO COSARA participated in project launch

The Executive Director of PRO COSARA, Ing. Alicia Eisenkolbl and General Manager, Celia Garayo, participated in the launch of the Program “Green Products: a National Platform for Sustainable Commodities” for the department of Itapúa. Also the launch of the new regional office for the National Secretary of the Environment (SEAM) in the Departmental Government of Itapúa.

Proyecto Paisaje de Productos Verdes. Proyecto Paisaje de Productos Verdes. Proyecto Paisaje de Productos Verdes.

San Rafael, June 13,2017

PRO COSARA and Peace Corps Paraguay

During the past month of May, a member from the PRO COSARA team and a volunteer from Peace Corps Paraguay who works with PRO COSARA participated in a Peace Corps training, held in Atyra in the department of Cordillera. The training was titled, “Design and Management of Community Projects” and they presented on their experiences working on community projects within the area of influence of the San Rafael Reserve.

Diseño y Manejo de Proyectos Comunitarios Diseño y Manejo de Proyectos Comunitarios Diseño y Manejo de Proyectos Comunitarios

San Rafael, May 29,2017

INFONA participated in a meeting with PRO COSARA

The National Forestry Institute, INFONA, through their regional Itapúa Office, participated in a meeting with members of PRO COSARA, represented by the Executive Director, Alicia Eisenkolbl and General Manager, Celia Garayo. Also present was the at the discussion was the lawyer Ariel Jara. The objective of the meeting was the implementation of the Law 4241/10 in the area of influence of the San Rafael Reserve.


San Rafael, May 26,2017

Extreme Weather Event effects 500 Hectares of the Atlantic Forest in the area of San Rafael

Global Climate Change and tropical forests are intimately linked. On one hand, the changes produced by global climate change are raising median annual temperatures and modifying rain patterns, causing more frequent occurrences of extreme weather phenomenon. Climate change is present and observable within Paraguay and within the area of the San Rafael Reserve. Heavy rain with strong winds, like those that occurred recently in the region, left the forests destroyed (as can be observed in these photos). It is necessary to protect the forests and manage them in a sustainable way that products both benefits for development and ecological services, while also satisfying the energy needs and economic demands of a growing population.

Evento Extremo Evento Extremo Evento Extremo

San Rafael, May 2,2017

General Assembly 2017

This past 29th of April, the General Assembly of PRO COSARA was held at the Administrative Office in Hohenau.

Asamblea General 2017 Asamblea General 2017 Asamblea General 2017

San Rafael, April 28, 2017


Misión Guaraní

Continuing with the project, “Misión Guaraní”, being executed by the College of Agricultural Sciences-Catholic University, Itapúa Campus, PRO COSARA is helping in the implementation of scheduled activities. Delivery of garden plants and technical assistance happened in the indigenous community of Mberú Pirapoí.

San Rafael, March 26,2017

Earth Hour at the Jesuit Mission Ruins in Trinidad.

Hora del planeta

For the third year in a row, the Jesuit Mission Ruins in Trinidad were the site of the WWF event Earth Hour, organized in cooperation between Peace Corps Volunteers and the local National Secretary of Tourism staff in Trinidad. Other organizations that participated in the event included PRO COSARA and Encarnación Sustentable. This event is held around the world, where during one hour all the lights are turned off to raise awareness about climate change, light pollution, and energy and natural resource use. Hora del planeta .

San Rafael, March 10, 2017

We celebrated the renewal of a working agreement between the National Secretary of the Environment (SEAM) and the Association Pro Cordillera San Rafael (PRO COSARA).

Renovación del Convenio SEAM A meeting took place at PRO COSARA’s Operating Headquarters to plan and coordinate activities and efforts towards the conservation of the San Rafael Reserve for a National Park. With the presence of Mr. Paul Alfonso, the Director of SEAM’s Protected Areas department, the meeting outlined strategies for coordination between SEAM, PRO COSARA, and GUYRA Paraguay. PRO COSARA is logistically aiding SEAM, as currently their park guards are based out of PRO COSARA’s Operating Headquarters, until the construction of their own Control Post within the Reserve. This agreement is another step towards successfully consolidating and preserving the conservation of the San Rafael Reserve.

San Rafael, February 20, 2017

Coordination meeting between PRO COSARA and the Center for Farmer Education, Training and Technology (CECTEC) to plan projects together

Reunión de coordinación con CECTEC

San Rafael, February 14,2017

Introductory Meeting to the Project "Green Production"

Paisaje de producción verde The meeting was attended by organizations in both the private and public sectors from within the department of Itapúa. The project delegation, along with the representatives from the Departmental Government of Itapúa, has a series of meetings with local participants. Beginning work with the departmental secretaries of planning and of the environment, later meetings will be held with: the departmental representative from the Ministry of Agriculture,Paisaje de producción verde , PRO COSARA, SENACSA Itapúa region, the National University of Itapúa, the Catholic University of Hohenau, and the University of San Carlos in Bella Vista. The project is titled "Green Production" and is part of the Sustainable Commodities project through the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), led by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for the United Nations Development Program. The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Forestry Institute (INFONA), the Paraguayan Sustainable Finance Group, ADM Paraguay S.R.L., Cargill and Louis Dreyfus Company.

San Rafael, January 27,2017

Coordinating Meeting with Peace Corps Paraguay Volunteer Chara Bouma-Prediger, who will be working with the PRO COSARA team in 2017

Cuerpo de Paz y Pro Cosara Chara requested to extend her service for a third year to join the PRO COSARA family. We want to welcome her to the team! We look forward to another year of working with Peace Corps Paraguay and strengthening our partnership.

San Rafael, December 19, 2016

Visit from Young Redemptionists

Visita la Reserva We had a visit to our Operating Headquarters from the Itapúa Young Redemptionists, who had their annual retreat in San Rafael.

San Rafael, December 12, 2016

Illegal Activities

Incendio Illegal activities have been observed in the Reserve during routine inspection flights. Approximately 10 parcels have been observed to have been deforested or trespassed upon. The activities have been reported to the Special Environmental Crimes Unit