The Biodiversity of San Rafael

The San Rafael Reserve is a mosaic of two of the world's most threatened habitats: the subtropical, humid Atlantic Forest and the Mesopotamian flooded grasslands. The meeting of these two habitats creates a rich ecosystem that is a biodiversity hotspot. It is an area with a high percentage of endemic species, meaning those that are native to the area. Not only is it the most biodiverse locality for birds in Paraguay, but also for numerous reptiles, amphibians, and more than 60 species of mammals.

Exciting Announcement!

Now available, a guide to the birds of San Rafael! This illustrated guide contains identification profiles for a total of 429 species, as well data on the conservation status of each. Currently available in English, soon to be made available in Spanish, this guide is the ultimate guide to the birds of the San Rafael Reserve, one of the most important bird areas within Paraguay! To get your own copy now, visit our site at Blurb: Take a look!

Birds of San Rafael-PRO COSARA

The San Rafael is designated as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) as categorized by Bird Life International, and was the first IBA created in Paraguay. It is also considered an IBA in Danger, meaning that the area is threatened by habitat and species loss. There have been over 400 bird species recorded in San Rafael, with many registered as endemic to the ecosystem, and several listed as Endangered or Vulnerable. Take a look through the gallery to learn more about these species, seen specifically at PRO COSARA.

Fauna of San Rafael

Explore the photo gallery to learn more about the wide variety of animals that call the San Rafael subtropical forest home. To investigate further, take a look at Fauna Paraguay , a website cataloging Paraguayan wildlife, created and managed by friends of PRO COSARA.

Flora of San Rafael

This gallery shows a small percentage of the many plants that unique to the Upper Atlantic Forest ecosystem. Take a look to learn about the magical trees, ferns, fungi, etc within San Rafael!