San Rafael, December 26, 2006

A look back at 2006

Pupils supporting San Rafael

Pupils supporting San Rafael

Due to aerial surveillance and regular patrols by our park rangers we were able to reduce the illegal logging and detect and fight forest fires early.

Other promising measures include firefighting courses for the neighbors of the reserve. And there's still request for more courses - an indication of growing consciousness of the people for San Rafael.

Our environmental education yields fruit: the pupils want trees around their schools - we endow the seedlings. More and more classes come here with their teachers to learn about the forest and observe animals. Some of them even come here again after school with their parents.

Two young Americans of the Peace Corps went by bicycle from Fireland (the southern end of South America) to San Rafael. Via internet they collected US$ 13.000 for San Rafael!

There's research in the forest of San Rafael: Ornithologists are doing a survey and publish a guide for bird watchers and experts.

To ensure the basis for local livelihood we organize courses in entrepreneurship, sustainable land use and marketing of local products. Credits for seed capital is available for interested mercantilist. These courses are supported by the Swiss Embassy in Paraguay, amongst other organizations.