We invite you to take a look at an exciting new book developed by friends of Pro Cosara, "Field Guide to the Birds of San Rafael" now available in English at this link. Including plates and conservation information on over 400 species, this is the first complete guide to the San Rafael Reserve. All proceeds go directly to benefit our conservation efforts in the region of the Reserve.
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About us

San Rafael

We are an organization dedicated to the conservation of one of the last remaining remnants of Atlantic Forest in southeastern Paraguay. Our work focuses on forest monitoring, purchasing forest property, and developing sustainable land use practices in the surrounding areas.
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The nature reserve

San Rafael

The Atlantic Forest is one of the most vulnerable and biologically diverse ecosystems on earth. While the forest once covered nearly 2 million km², today a mere seven percent remains. The San Rafael Nature Reserve is one of the last and largest remnants of Atlantic Forest.
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Please help us!

San Rafael

In order to continue working for the reserve's conservation it is critical that we continue receiving your support so that we can continue employing park guards, conducting aerial patrols and buying forest properties. This is the only way to protect San Rafael! Please contribute!
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